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Welcome to Two Legs and Four Holistic Health where I show you natural ways to restore your health and those of all your family members. The combination of the right diet for the species and the natural health care, homeopathy, is unbeatable, in my opinion. Enjoy the podcasts! For more information, check out my website -

Feb 19, 2018

Is chronic disease in the lap of the gods? Can you prevent it? In this, my first podcast, I explore:

  • what chronic disease is
  • do we have control over our lives and so our health?
  • why pathological labels are largely meaningless
  • what epigenics tells us
  • what our evolutionary diet should be based on our anatomical evidence
  • the importance of our pH and what knocks it off balance
  • why the immune system is so important and why it gets out of natural balance
  • how homeopathy can help with all this
  • how I work